There are two coronaviruses

28 Sep 2020 | Huertos del Jardín

Summer School was coming to an end, a difficult but precious time. We build a space for play and fresh air in the midst of confinement and restrictive measures. It wasn’t easy, but with everyone’s work we were able to do it. Finding a place where boys and girls could play freely while complying with biosanitary measures was our challenge. And even so, a little boy who had shared with us all summer, returned from visiting his nursery school, to begin the adaptation period… and while I was changing his diaper, he raised his two index fingers and told me “there are two coronaviruses”, “there are another one in my school”… And as if it were a story character, the “coronavirus” was present for that child, in our summer school and in his school… that’s why you had to wash your hands, not share food and a long list of etceteras that included that the adults around him wear a mask. THAT’S WHY WE WANT IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS PANDEMIC GIRLS AND BOYS TO HAVE SAFE SPACES IN WHICH TO PLAY, WITHOUT GHOSTS. Respecting sanitary measures and taking care of them without depriving them of their right NUMBER 7 THE RIGHT TO PLAY. What does it say:

(The child has the right to receive education, which will be free and compulsory, at least in the elementary stages. He will be given an education that favors his general culture and allows him, under conditions of equal opportunity, to develop his aptitudes and his individual judgment , their sense of moral and social responsibility, and to become a useful member of society.

The best interests of the child must be the guiding principle of those who have the responsibility for their education and guidance; This responsibility rests, first and foremost, on their parents. The child must fully enjoy games and recreations, which must be oriented towards the ends pursued by education; Society and public authorities will endeavor to promote the enjoyment of this right.)

It is the responsibility of us, the adults, to lighten their load, to help them walk more easily, to allow them to remember this stage of their childhood with joy and love. The pandemic has hurt me many times, I have cried with friends for their losses, I have been anguished with my neighbor, I have accompanied in prayer those who worked tirelessly in this fight and I have also refrained from hugging, I have overcome a possible infection there in March and I have risen again. To create a safe protocol for El Jardín del Gigante, to think about how to do it so that our children suffer as little as possible, so that they are safe, so that they can play and love. We have used liters of hydroalcoholic gel, many more bleach and viuricidal products, BUT we have also given very large doses of love, empathy and security, so that fear has no place in our space… And although there are two coronaviruses, we are not reached and we finished our Summer School, without contagion and grateful to you and to God. With love, Gabby.

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