My father

6 Feb 2019 | Huertos del Jardín

My father’s name is Joaquín and he is over 70 years old, he has done many things in his life and makes magical passes every day without knowing it. You want to know what I mean and I’ll tell you slowly so that you can imagine that from the moment he gets up he does things that any ecologist would write on a list of actions to save the planet. He gets up very early and drinks mate and cookies, saving the crumbs for the little birds and says: “they know I’m going to give them the crumbs every morning, they wait for me” and thus no food is wasted, he argues. Then he collects fruit to squeeze, saving all the seeds for when he goes to the bush because it is a pity that he spreads them sowing them near streams and rivers. Almost every morning he goes for a bike ride along the bike path paying special attention to the plants and thinks about how to repopulate the areas where what the City Council has planted has not prospered. I will tell you in another post about some of those interventions that make me proud and encourage me to think that the sum of hands is the true force to sustain the planet.

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