Birthday Packs

Our birthdays are GREAT, because they are personalized. Because each family enjoys the entire space with their group of FRIENDS with the privacy and security provided by the exclusive use of our playroom. In order for this to be possible, we ask for a minimum of 15 children per celebration.

El Jardín del Gigante...



15 children without adults

Monday to Thursday

€14 per child


15 children without adults

Saturdays and Sundays

€16 per child


15 children and 15 adults

Monday to Thursday



15 children and 15 adults

Friday, Saturday and Sunday



Includes snack, drinks and water, dessert, cake, inflatable and activities for children and snacks and drinks for adults.


In December we inaugurated El Jardín del Gigante 2 to continue providing the same service to more people, with the same treatment and care as always.

On each birthday you can choose the activity, theme and menu that best suits you.

You can ask us by whatsapp for the different menus for children and adults.

*SNACK of your choice, the same for the whole group, *bimbo bread sandwich and nuguets or *hamburgers (from grilled butchers) with tortilla or *pizza or *pasta or *hot dogs. All the menus have chips or worms, juices and shakes or soft drinks and dessert, in addition to a cookie cake made by us.

We also have alternatives for children with allergies and intolerances, as well as halal, vegan or sugar-free menus.

El Jardín del Gigante...

El Jardín del Gigante 1

We are in Carrer de la Lluna, 4
between Sant Vicent del Raspeig and Villafranqueza in Alicante.
Telephone Contact:
607 752 875 Alejandra

El Jardín del Gigante...

El Jardín del Gigante 2

We are in Calle Altea, 5
San Vicente del Raspeig in Alicante
Telephone Contact:
622 648 646 Gabriela

El Jardín del Gigante...


closed Monday
Tuesday to Friday: 17:00–20:00
Saturday and Sunday: 11:30 a.m.–2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.

Alicante 10...
El Jardín del Gigante...
El Jardín del Gigante...
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