Aloe Vera orchard

22 Jan 2019 | Huertos del Jardín

Four years ago, forty Aloe Vera plants arrived in the garden. As soon as they arrived, they fell in love with the Giant and began to dress in beautiful greens that never cease to amaze us every morning when the sun slowly bathes them. They are beautiful plants that immediately began to be our allies for their restorative and calming property. Blessed Aloe, you never stop surprising us and all those people of the most varied ages who are dazzled by our production of Aloe Vera Barbadensis. We invite you to enjoy little by little and with many friendly people a series of entries that we will show so that you can recognize them and use them to cure some common symptoms inside and out. We will look for information and people related to #aloe and I will tell you first hand everything they can give us. A warm welcome on this cold Alicante winter day.

El Jardín del Gigante...
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